Intellectual Property


Sara is finishing up her social studies exit project. She has to include images and went to google images and copied and pasted them into her report. The final project is to create a webpage... and she uses some of those images on her final project...


Create a guideline for your peers.
You're writing a report, which images can you print out and use? When you create your PowerPoint presentation, can you use one of the latest and greatest hits as part of the presentation? Which images can you use? Can you copy and paste information into your report? Is it okay for Ms. Keller to post book covers in the library or her webpage? Which images can she grab for her webpage?

Focusing Questions

  • What is Intellectual Property?
    • What is plagiarism?
    • How are plagiarism and Intellectual Property related?
  • Why is protecting Intellectual Property Rights so important?
  • Are all citizens protected equally by Intellectual Property Law?
  • What are some of the dos and don’ts of Intellectual property?
  • How can students make sure to be respectful of intellectual property?
    • What is creative commons?
    • How can creative commons help you be respectful of Intellectual property when you are creating your own property, whether it's for a report for school or your own enjoyment?


Based on the questions above, create guidelines for your classmates to follow when writing a report or creating their own webpage or other work.


Copyright & Piracy Part I

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Copyright & Piracy Part IV


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