GNs to Check Out

I've been reading a lot of graphic novels this year! These are some of my favorites.... To check out more of the books I've been reading go to this page: Great Graphic Novel Reads for Teens
Baker, Kyle. Plastic Man: Rubber Bandits (V. 2). DC Comics, 2006. $14.99. (1-4012-0729-4).
In these collected issues, Plastic Man faces down homeland security, vampires, music piracy and an evil mouse.

Brennan, Michael. Electric Girl (V. 3). AiT/Planet Lar, 2005. $13.95. (1-932051-38-4).
Virginia was born with the power of electricity to zap things; and the gremlin Oogleeoog has been her constant (invisible to everyone else) companion since her birth. She also has a cute dog, Blammo. In this volume she has to deal with an evil robo-Blammo that nearly ruins a baseball game in his quest to take over the world, and Oogleeoog faces competition from another gremlin.

Chan, Queenie. The Dreaming (V. 1). TOKYOPOP, 2005. $9.99. (1-59816-382-5).
Twin sisters are sent to an Australian boarding school where their aunt is a teacher. Her first instructions to the twins are that they should tell everyone they're sisters and deny they're twins. Once there, their aunt goes away. The twins start having identical dreams. And once again students vanish in the brush surrounding the school.

Ganter, Amy Kim. Sorcerers and Secretaries (V. 1). TOKYOPOP, 2006. $9.99. (1-59816-409-0).
Nicole Hayes likes to fantasize. When she’s alone, she crafts fantastic tales about a world she’s created. In the meanwhile, her neighbor, Josh is trying to gain her attention, but can’t seem to snap her out of her daydreaming.

Heinberg, Allan, John Dell. Young Avengers: Sidekicks (V. 1). Marvel Enterprises, 2005. $14.99. (0-7851-1470-X).
The Avengers have disassembled leaving NYC down one less superhero team. To help pick up the slack, a group of heroic teens, all with loose ties to the original Avengers team, form to fight evil. What happens when the team is face with battling one of the most powerful villains in Avengers history?

Horowitz, Anthony, Antony Johnston. Stormbreaker: The Graphic Novel. Penguin, 2006. $14.99. (0-399-24633-9).
Alex Rider's uncle is a spy killed in the line of duty. He only finds this out after his uncle dies and is forced to complete his uncle's mission for MI6.

Martin, Ann M., Raina Telgemeier. Baby Sitter's Club: Kristy's Great Idea. Scholastic, 2006. $16.99. (0-439-80241-5).
The Baby-Sitters Club is back! Read about how it all began in this charming orgin story, born again as a graphic novel with lovely illustrations.

Nibot, Root, Colleen Coover. Banana Sunday. Oni Press, 2006. $11.95. (1-932664-37-8).
Kirby and her three talking monkeys are starting a new school. It's pretty hard trying to fit in, but Kirby finds a friend in Nickel, the school news reporter - who wants to know the true story behind the talking monkeys - and Martin who's just interested in Kirby. Will Nickel find out the truth behind Kirby's monkeys and will she let everyone know?

Yang, Gene Luen, Lark Pien. American Born Chinese. Roaring Brook Press, 2006. $16.95. (1-59643-152-0).
Three seemingly unrelated tales share an unexpected connection to form a tale of self-acceptance and identity.