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Right Behind You by Gail Giles is an edgy, intense, suspenseful book about how a teenage boy needs to rebuild his life after killing another boy at the age of nine. When Kip McFarland was nine he set another little boy on fire, from then on he spent five years in a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. When he gets out he and his family need to move and change their names to conceal their identity. Now, Wade Madison is in a high school where he can let his guilt eat away at him or live as a normal teen. He chooses to live his life (or pretend to) as any teen would until one night he reveals his true identity while drunk. Once again he and his family must move away and start over. This time he needs to keep his past a secret to save his family from the stress of uplifting their life again, but will he?

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading books that are out of the ordinary and have a really dark intense plot. I really liked that Gail Giles turned what seems like an innocent child into a murderer. We are so used to hearing about adult’s who have killed but Kip was merely a child when he killed that other boy. I like that the book dove into how someone lives with the guilt after committing such a horrible act. Right Behind You was a very quick read but that did not take away from its intensity. Throughout the entire book I felt on edge wondering about what happens to Kip – then Wade in the end of the book. This is definitely I would recommend for teens who enjoy intense novels
that leave you on the edge of your seat.

Playing in Traffic (Paperback) ~ Gail Giles (Author) Cover Art
Playing in Traffic (Paperback) ~ Gail Giles (Author) Cover Art

Playing in traffic is a very crazy book. Its about a weird goth type girl names Skye. She needs the quite boy in her school, Matt's attention. Matt tries not to make himself stand out. He chooses to stay anonymous. Matt agrees to meet Skye privately. Skye brightens Matt's life up immediately. Skye tells Matt that her step father abuses her, and her stepsister suffers from down syndrome. In school Skye's reputation is not to good. She is known as " the weird one ." Matt falls in love with Sky and feels he needs to help her. Once he hears what everyone in school has to say about her, he starts to think twice. Matt and his 13-year-old sister are very close. But when someone comes to the door and claims that he is your father what does matt do ? Does Matt help Skye or leaves her to her abusive stepfather.

I would recommend this book to anyone that can handle a lot of drama. This book is jam paced with drama. Once you think everything is fixed another problem comes about. I really liked the ending of this book. My mouth was wide open for about 1 minute before i could actually register what happened. Throughout this whole book i couldn't put it down. If you live suspenseful books, this is the book for you.