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Gail Giles mostly writes stories that keep you guessing, and Dead Girls Don't Write Letters is another one of those books. Sunny was always living in the shadow of her perfect sister Jazz, so when she dies in a dorm room fire a small part of her is almost happy. But Jazz was the only thing holding her parents together. Her death causes her father to start drinking, and eventually leave her and her mother. Her mother is an emotional mess that can't even go a day without looking through an old book of Jazz's photos. Sunny has to take care of her own mother and the roles in the house are switched. Then, out of nowhere as Sunny is checking the mail a yellow envelope falls out of the pile, and her life is turned upside down. The letter is from Jazz, and it says she didn't really die in the fire, and she is coming home. But the girl who comes home is not Jazz, well Sunny doesn't think so. Is this girl just a imposter, or does Sunny just want her sister dead that much?
I liked how Gail Giles gave a unexpexted ending. She constantly left you wondering and guessing about Jazz and Sunny. When you thought that one thing was going to happen she threw an unexpected curveball and left you wondering what was going to happen next. This book is
perfect for people who love cliffhanger chapters and guessing what the story will end up as. I really loved this book because it was a thrilling page turner that left me wanting to read more and more.