Eagle Strike
By: Anthony Horowitz
Damian Cray he is adored by million people, a superstar, philanthropist, a peace seeker, and a pop star. But that is not enough for Damian Cray he also wants to save the world and he has a plan, Eagle Strike. A plan to send nuclear bombs to countries that threaten the world. But the truth is that the world needs to be saved from Damian Cray. The only trouble that Alex has is that he needs the world to believe that Damian Cray is a bad person. When Alex sees Yasssen Greorgovich in Paris consulting with someone he knows something isn’t right. He went to check it out and he found out that, Yassen is working for Damian as an assassin so no one gets in his way. Damian created a video game to distract the world for enough time to launch his Eagle Strike plan and asks Alex to test it. When Alex was leaving Damian’s house he stole the disk with the plans for the Eagle Strike project. In order to get the plan from Alex, Damian kidnaps one of Alex’s friends, Sabina, and threatens to kill her. Alex gives the disk to Damian and when they think they’re free, Damian doesn’t let them go and he makes them see what the Eagle Strike project does.
Alex rider is a spy from England he works for MI6.He is sent to stop Damian Cray. The task will be hard for him he is not the best agent but he will get the job done. This book was great. The plot was so unexpected. It was so much fun to read compared to other books. i felt this way because at the end of the book Yassen Gregorvich, Alex, Damian Cray, and Sabina were on a plane. Suddenly Damian pulled out a gun and shot Alex. Then he shot Yassen, who was working for Damian. What Damian didn’t know was that they were wearing bullet proof vests. When Alex got up he quickly and quietly tackled Damian to the ground, took his gun and pulled the trigger. Damian was dead. I would recommend this book to all kids because it is action packed and entertaining. I really enjoyed this book.